A warm Welcome to all our Family members back to our monthly challenges! & if you're totally new (hi!), we have a creative and unique fitness challenge for everyone.

Happy Feet Family- A place to match your unique fitness needs and goals.

Ready to make this your strongest month yet?

Pick one below and start today!

Later is never! DO. IT. NOW.

To qualify in this challenge and register your name among the runners or biker challengers, you need to run or walk for a minimum of 1.5 km or ride for a minimum of 5 km per day and this you must do for at least 16 days in the month.

All the very best!!

Follow the easy and quick steps to complete the challenge:

1. You have to either Run or Walk for at least 1.5 km
2. Ride your favourite Bicycle for at least 5 km.

3. You can do this challenge either alone or with your partner, but the distance would be measured per person.

4. You can do this at any time of the day, anywhere as per your convenience without affecting your daily routine but adding a healthy one to it…

You will love it, we bet.

Early-bird Discount Code:

YFGNCZ (5%) Valid from 23rd to 30th April

Group Registration Discount:

10HFF@May use this for Group of 10 Participants claim 10%
20HFF@May use this for Group of 15 Participants claim 12%
 use this for Group of 25 Participants claim 15%

Awards and Prizes:

1) Dynamic Leader board
2) An attractive medal after accomplishing your goal.
3) E-certificate (with your photo, name, activity, and distance).
4) A Beautiful Poster with your Name as a registered Participant.


1) Login and registering on the Happyfeetfamily website is Must.

2) Should track your Distance on Strava or any medium that can be shared, Data can be automatically collected if you record your activity on Strava which is connected with Happyfeetfamily.com or Manually Updated by participants Within 3 days after the event is Over.

a) Create your profile and Update it completely. (Fill all the field marked * in the form)

b) Link your Strava. Follow the video (https://youtu.be/A-5v-matrHg)
*(video also available in the gallery).

3) If your pace is irregular in between KM's or overall pace beyond normal records then the same cannot be considered.

4) Happyfeetfamily's decision will be final, and the Organizer holds the right to Change, Modify the elements of the Challenge which will be informed to the Registered Participants at the time of change.

5) The Participants have to make necessary arrangements to complete the Challenge – Happyfeetfamily will not be responsible for any situation arising due to misrepresentation or overperformance by the Participant. As Happyfeetfamily is organizing such challenges with the sole intention of bringing fitness and good health, participants are hereby advised to take proper care of their health and listen to their bodies.

6) All the participants are advised to follow Covid-19 Safety measures and keep their health first in all circumstances.

7) Challenger Medals are couriered at the end of the challenge on or before the 12th of Next Month 

*T&C Applied

  • Registration Start from
    23-04-2022 to 21-05-2022
  • Event Start Time
    01-05-2022 12:00 AM
  • Event End Time
    31-05-2022 11:59 PM
  • Fees:
    Ticket TypeFees
    E-certificate + Dynamic Leader-board - Monthly

    ₹ 99

    E-certificate + Dynamic Leader-board + Customized Medal - Monthly

    ₹ 378

    E-certificate + Dynamic Leader-board - Quarterly

    ₹ 279

    E-certificate + Dynamic Leader-board + Customized Medal - Quarterly

    ₹ 972

    E-certificate + Dynamic Leader-board - Half Yearly

    ₹ 478

    E-certificate + Dynamic Leader-board + Customized Medal - Half Yearly

    ₹ 2089

    E-certificate + Dynamic Leader-board - Yearly

    ₹ 990

    E-certificate + Dynamic Leader-board + Customized Medal - Yearly

    ₹ 3780

    Dynamic Leader-board - Monthly

    ₹ 21

    E-certificate + Dynamic Leader-board + Customized Medal - Monthly

    $ 50

    E-certificate + Dynamic Leader-board - Monthly

    $ 3

Registration closed for this event.