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We’re a team of fitness enthusiasts on a mission to make people healthier and eventually happier. We’re here to tell you that following a healthy lifestyle is not “impractical “ or “time-waster”.

As they say, it’s all in your mind, to stay fit you don’t need to hire a personal trainer or get yourself enrolled in a high-end gym to vigorously pump iron. And no we’re NOT talking about diet supplements, incorporating very tiny changes in your regular schedule can give you astounding results if you’re consistent in your efforts.

But we all know that a little motivation is necessary to kick-start a new revolution, so to keep you going “happy feet family” has come up with virtual challenge events, India. Here we encourage people to accept virtual health challenges, like Virtual Run Challenge, India . Where the participants can run on the virtual track without leaving their rooms. These challenges not only spice up your workout time but introduces you to many like-minded individuals.

**No refund once booked. For more details contact organizer

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Happyfeetfamily reserves the right to access to or cancel profile that are fake. If fake profiles are created and subscription paid for fake profiles, Happyfeetfamily will not be liable for any refund of the profile has been cancelled or revoked for being fake.