Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and being fit is the main motto of many of us mainly after this pandemic. The lethargic life of the pandemic era has made all of us gain some pounds and also diseases. Researches have proven that to maintain a healthy lifestyle exercising is as important as eating healthy food. But aren’t you ready to undertake those high-intensity gym exercises? No problem there is a solution i.e., cycling.

Cycling is the best form of aerobic exercises that has tons of benefits. Cycling is low intensity exercise. It is  great fun with numerous health benefits.  Still not convinced to make cycling part of your daily life? Here are some amazing benefits of cycling which will surely push you for cycling everyday.

Benefits of cycling

1.      Helps in overcoming plumpness:

Cycling every day, at high intensity for 20 minutes helps reducing body fat levels, which promotes weight management. It also gives a boost to your metabolism and increases the number of calories that burn while you are on rest.

2.      Cycling makes your heart fit:

Cycling is a low-intensity exercise that strengthens heart muscles leading to reduction in risk of heart attack, high bloody pressure and stroke. It also strengthens lower resting  pulse and reduces blood fat levels.

3.      Cycling helps you be far away from a big C:

Studies have given us enormous proof that exercise is an  effective way of preventing cancer but studies have also shown that most effective way to reduce the risk of cancer is ‘cycling’. One other research has proven that women who cycle are proven to have reduced risk of cancer by 34%.

4.      Cycling helps to relieve mental illness:

Regularly cycling can help treat medical conditions such as depression, stress and anxiety. This is because of the joy that cycling brings and also due to exercise itself. It also helps you think creatively and boosts your productivity.

5.      Cycling helps to maintain good lung health:

Many of us believe that cycling does worse to lungs than good, is that so? No, the main culprit is air pollution, not cycling. Studies have proven that cyclist breathes more fresh air than people in bus or car on the same route. Cycling also increases lung capacity as during cycling lungs need to inflate and deflate at high speed.

6.      Cycling increases muscular strength and flexibility:

Cycling targets lower body muscles, arm muscles and also strengthens the core. It provides low impact workout to the whole body which in turn strengthens muscles and improves flexibility to a certain extent.


Who can undertake cycling?

Cycling is neither gender-biased nor age biased. A person of any age group can do cycling but at different intensities. A child normally learns to cycle after developing enough coordination and balance i.e., 4 to 5 years.


When should be cycling done?

The best time for cycling is morning time as you can enjoy roads without traffic, sunlight and fresh air. Cycling at night should be strictly avoided if you don’t have a back and rear light. If you are cycling for weight loss then you can ride it at any time you want but keep track of the distance you ride every day.

How will the happy feet family help you in motivating you to cycle?

Happy feet family has started an initiative to motivate people to cycle and make it part of their regular life. Through their virtual challenges, they believe to motivate everyone to stay fit and healthy. Happy feet family organises monthly cycling challenges and invites cyclists from PAN India to take part. This initiative motivates the public to undertake cycling to reap its immense benefits. They believe in encouraging cyclist through different virtual and real challenges. You can also take part in challenges by registering on their website and for any queries you can contact them on the information given on their page they are so quick in action.




After seeing numerous health benefits of cycling, surely you must be convinced of making cycling a part of your daily routine. Be active, keep cycling and stay healthy it is as simple as that. 

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