Why the person should do a certain activity? For his benefit or benefit of society? Ambivalent answer? Well answer about cycling is easy. Let us convince you.

Benefits of Cycling

There are innumerable benefits of cycling which lets us train our body and mind.

·         Just like any other muscle, heart muscle also needs exercise. Cycling is a best cardiovascular work-out. Regular cycling decreases chances of heart related problems by 50%.

·         Cycling helps to increase lower body strength and lose significant number of calories. If one wants a workout which is gentle on ankles, knees, hip and back, cycling is the one.

·         Daily moderate cycling helps in digestion and in blood supply to the brain.

·         As cycling is a strong physical activity it helps to burn fat from thighs and bally ensuring weight loss and muscle building around the gluts, hamstrings, quads, and calves.

·         As cycling helps to burn fats in the body, it indirectly reduces the risk of postmenopausal breast and colorectal cancers.

·         Well, we all know the importance of immune system due to pandemic of Covid-19. Cycling in different environments effectively boost immune system.

·         Cycling provides blood circulation to body at a higher rate which allows rapid flow of the hormones which reduces stress, anxiety, and depression and provides peace of mind.

What is best time of the day for cycling and how long you should ride?

Ideally, the best time depends on various factors like daylight, traffic, pollution, and weather etc. of your environment. One should try to cycle in morning to get fresh air and sunlight and avoid traffic on the roads. Moreover, cycling in morning improves your efficiency at work. Cycling at night should be avoided unless if you have high quality rear and back lights, reflectors on pedals and wheel, etc. Some research shows that riding in evening shows more speeding and energy levels for professionals but if you are riding to lose weight or improve overall fitness levels, you can ride anytime. Your time period should be divided in a week. For example, you should have1-2 days of short ride (30 minutes), 2-3 days of moderate ride (45 minutes) and 1-2 long rides (60 minutes). Keep a track on your distance travelled using your smart phone or smart watch in each ride. This helps determine your speed and set goal for your next ride.  

Who can do cycling?

Unlike any other sports cycling doesn’t have any age limit. Anyone who wishes to start a healthy lifestyle can join cycling as their everyday exercise. On an average a child learns to ride a 2-wheel cycle at age of around 5 to 8 years. Continuing the activity after that will lead child to a healthy lifestyle. Doctors recommend avoiding cycling if you have any kind of injury which will be adversely affected by cycling. Start cycling if you have fully recovered. If you have any problems related to balance, vision, hearing, etc. try using stationary bicycle. If you have experienced a heart attack in recent past, it is recommended to start a short ride after 2 to 4 weeks after your treatment depending on your health.

How can you start cycling and be regular?

Let us give you some beginner’s tips to start cycling.

·         Search for a good bike which fits in your budget.

·         Pamper yourself with required safety equipment like helmet, kneecaps and elbow cap.

·         Create cycling a habit with at least sort ride in a day.

·         Try to join a cycling community or a group. This will make cycling more fun.

How can one be regular without any reward? There comes Happy Feet Family in the picture. The Happy Feet Family has launched Fit India challenge –a initiative to boost the immune system. Happy Fit Family is happy to reward you with the medals based on your daily activity and aggregate record of cycling. Visit https://happyfeetfamily.com/  for more information

The bottom line

Now that we know the good effects of cycling on health, everyone reading this should at least give a try to start cycling. Will you give it a try? Share your cycling experience with fellow regular and beginner riders in comment section below.

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