Exercising has many benefits on human body, this is a well-known fact. However, very few people are aware how does exercising helps you? Exercising not only melts away the excess and ugly fat but also boosts our psychological health. But workouts have a role beyond that. Regular workouts, as simple as a brisk walk or even a casual stroll can work wonders for your endocrinal health as well.

Have you ever wondered why it feels so good after sweating hard on the treadmill? People often feels rejuvenated after skipping with a rope. Winning a challenge feels like a boss,doesn’t it?No it’s not just the joy of victory but it is more than that. It’s the hormonesthat are making its way to the bloodstream. Yes, hormonal health does depend on the number of hours you invest on yourself. And here’s a handy list of the hormones which effect is :-

Insulin regulations:-

Doctors keep on advising the diabetic patients to be nimble. The more you burn the calories, the more you’ll regulate the levels of insulin. Insulin is the chief hormone to regulate the glucose levels and is also responsible for its absorption and assimilation.

Irregular insulin is responsible for obesity, diabetes and other complexities related to diabetes like polyuria etc.


Endorphins are popularly known as the “pain killer” hormone. Secretion of endorphins reduces pain andgives the feeling of pleasure. Everyday workouts releases ample amount of endorphins which makes the doer feel good about himself or herself. That’s why working out boosts self confidence as it makes you feel good and fitter. Endorphins also helps to endure pain and improves performance.


Testosterone, primarily a male hormone is secreted in both the genders. Testosterone helps in protein resynthesizing and helps in muscular repair. The restoration of the wear and tear of our cells is regulated by testosterone levels.

Testosterone also keeps you active sexually. Whether a man or a woman, testosterone is important to enjoy intimacy. If you’re feeling s dullness in your intimacy routine or you’re feeling a lack of energy, exercising for at least an hour daily will shoot-up the testosterone levels.


Working out gradually melts away the stubborn fat and cortisol has the biggest role in that. Cortisol is responsible for lipid metabolism when the body is stressed out and during workouts the body is indeed under stress. Stress here defines as : muscles are working more than usual in a specific mode. After a certain limit cortisol helps in catabolism and breaks down the fat deposits to aid the body in energy supply.

This helps in weight reduction and muscle building as well.

Working out has many active and passive advantages but most of the people start working out when they’re either attacked by obesity or incur a disease. Don’t wait for some reason to start exercising. Make your health your biggest priority and start with small steps.

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