Are carbs important for runners/cyclist? 

Carbs or carbohydrates are the major source of energy to perform daily activity. As the activity increases one need to eat to adjust their intake accordingly. 

If you are a runner or regular with your cycle ride do you have to take more carbs? 

Yes, you have to! If your performance have to be good. 

As your activity increases you tend to empty your glycogen stores in the body, you need to replenish them through enough complex carbs which will help you store again. Simple carbs can be taken through the activity. If you do not take enough carbs you won’t be able to cycle/run as much as you want to. 

During a training run or competition, aim for 40-60 grams of carbohydrate per hour (120-240 calories/hour) after that first hour of running. 

During the run

•Liquid - Water melon juice, orange juice, sweet lime juice, lime juice, sugarcane juice

•Solid – Energy balls, granola bar, millet cookies, banana. 

Check for ingredients to make sure there is no sugar or liquid glucose added. 

Some Pointers

Include enough carbs, protein and fats in your daily meal 

Do not miss your pre and post workout meal. 

Add enough fruits and veggies through the day.  

Include leafy veggies as they add calcium and iron. 



Sindhu HS




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